Commercial Roofing Repair

Commercial Roofing Restoration and Repair

City Seamless can help you get the most out of your existing roof system. Whether it's built up or SPF, one of our certified inspectors can give you an appraisal and help you develop a long term plan for getting the most out of your existing roofing system.

We have been a member of NRCA and have hired trained inspectors who can determine what course of action to take in order to make the roof you have last. Whether we add a layer of Elastomeric Coating, or remove the roof down to the deck in certain areas where deep repairs are needed, City Seamless has the experience and training necessary to make sure you are informed to make the best decision regarding your roof. Also, a regular maintenance regimen on your commercial roof will give you the longest life of the roof. This will include cleaning of debris and inspection for damage that could undermine the roofing system. It is highly recommended that you have your commercial roof inspected at least 1 time per year in order to keep the roof in good repair and to make sure your warranty is honored in case of any issues.

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City Seamless proudly offers the best Warranty available for any roofing system, and will go the extra mile to make sure your roof is done right.

Commercial Roofing Repair FAQ’s

Typically only two layers of roofing are allowed--in order to manage excess weight and stress on the building. Also, if your roof is unsafe, saturated, or unstable, then you may need to consider replacing the roof entirely.

The best way is to set an appointment with a licensed roofing contractor who can come out and determine the current state of your roof and check for internal deterioration and stress factors. The worst thing you can do with a roof is wait to replace it until it is too late.

Typically the best warranties on commercial roofing systems are 20 years. It is possible to get a longer life out of a commercial roofing system, depending on many factors such as environment and quality of the original roof installation.

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Since 1976, City Seamless Rain Gutter Company has been a Leader in the Siding and Roofing Industry.  We are licensed and insured and provide quality Roofing services at very competitive prices. We proudly offer the best warranty in the business.

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We are available for residential roofing projects throughout the southwest, including Nevada, Utah, California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

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"This business is the hands-down best roofing company in the area. Cody and their crew do high quality work with an impeccable eye for detail. I've had them out for two different jobs, one for fixing slipped/missing tiles on a house I sold and again today I had them out to start the replacement of our tile roof in Mesa. I expect everything to come out great and their professionalism shows in how quickly and efficiently they get the job done. If you want it done right by good people, call City Seamless Roofing! These guys are the real deal!"

Veronica B via Yelp - Mesa AZ
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