Review by Matthew via Yelp, Scottsdale AZ

"When City Seamless came out to install my rain gutters, the installer let me know that I had some pretty bad damage to my roof. So I called them back to come out for a roof inspection. Cody came out the next day and was able to give me a thorough rundown of the issues, although we still do not know how all that damage occurred.

As always, they showed up when they said they would, were very meticulous in the removal of bad concrete tiles and replacement of the new felt, and the replacement of the section of roofing.

My kind of company.

If you need and inspection when you're buying a house or just because your roof is getting old and you have no idea what shape it's in, give City Seamless a call. They do service calls and complete re-roofing and new construction. In the spring I'm going to have them do a ridge vent to keep the attic cooler and ask for a quote on soffit vents, which I am told they also can do."

Matthew via Yelp, Scottsdale AZ